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Stephanie is a freelance creative Makeup Artist from Melbourne, Australia.

She Graduated from the Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup in 2015.

She adores lending herself to stage, screen and runways alike. With clients she has a focus on accentuating their natural unique features and their personality. 

As a general rule - the more creative, the better.

She values having a very close and collaborative relationship with those she works with. Having graduated as a film and theatre major, Steph has an in-depth understanding of many creative fields.

Steph also competed in IMATS Battle of the Brushes in Sydney 2015 under the Beauty/Fantasy category.

Steph was nominated for Educator of the year via the hbia awards in melbourne. 
Steph enjoys being as fantastical, unique and creative as possible and she draws heavy inspiration from fantasy, science fiction, time periods, creatures and characters to dream up her own personal work and to develop ideas for others.
She's a determined creative with unstoppable drive and ambition to create and collaborate.



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