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With a wealth of different experience, Steph is open and capable to fulfil any service you might need, simply enquire with details and she will supply rates and availability. 

Theatre and Film 

Collaborative makeup design to suit the style and aesthetic of the production.

This can include Application for entire show programme or lessons for cast and crew.

Prosthetics and props 

Life casting, mould making, fabrication and application.

Special Occasions 
Makeup and Hair styling for all occasions that accentuates all diverse
looks and personalities. 

runway collection makeup design, runway hair and makeup application.
Photographic makeup for a flawless image.
From fresh and natural to avant garde. 

Katia Mancuso - Director Feast on the Young 

Steph is incredibly talented and professional at what she does, and just an all-round awesome person to be around and work with. No matter what you need, from simple face make-up to full body art, the result she gives you is better than you imagine in your head. Would highly recommend!

Rebecca McIntosh - Model collaborator 

Elk MUA has a high attention to detail, and is very pleasant to work with. I've had Steph work on my face for both classic/natural and very creative/arty looks, and each time she has transformed me to my best versions! I can't recommend Steph highly enough.

Amelia Kelso - Collaborator 

Steph always brings her best to the table, with amazing attention to detail along with her bubbly and bright personality. She is not only accessible and a joy to collaborate with, but always punctual, professional and enthusiastic about your projects. A hard worker and true artist.

CJ Welsh - Producer, Ruby Tuesday, The Last Man, Feast on the Young 

Steph's work is absolutely incredible. She is a magician and I'm blown away even when I know how the tricks are done. To top it off, she's an amazing person and one of the best people I've ever met. I would gladly have her on any film or project not just because of her work but because of her personality.

Esther myles - Actress and model 

Beautiful creative makeup design, will find a way to use who you are and how you look to transform you into a mythical creature from another world

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